Recording Engineer


Location: New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA


Who You Are:

First and foremost, you are a fan of popular music. You actively follow new releases and artists, not just as a casual listener but with an awareness of production quality, vocal tone, and other creative decisions. You have experience working with industry standard software and equipment in high-pressure environments to both meet and exceed client expectations with a variety of clients in different genres and styles.


What You’ll Do:
– Work with clients on-sight in professional studios and their homes to aid them in recording their music
– Deliver rough mixes to clients and clearly organized session files to our team
– Produce high-quality recordings under extreme pressure




– Must own a laptop with up-to-date versions of industry standard software (Pro Tools, FabFilter, Waves, UAD, etc)
– Intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience using Pro Tools in a recording environment
– Knowledge of signal flow to prevent and fix any issues that might occur during a session
– Strong organizational and communicative skills (file-structuring, data backups, etc)
– Willing and able to travel when necessary
– Willing to work a flexible schedule with frequent late nights and early mornings
– Ability to remain professional around high-profile people and environments



Please Note: This is a non-exclusive, freelance position.

Apply Now:

Select 3-5 records that you’ve worked on and upload them to Dropbox as a folder. Write a detailed description of your involvement in each of those records, including what your role was, the process of making them, and any noteworthy creative decisions that you made or obstacles that you faced in the process.

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