Digital Content Creator

Part-Time or Full-Time
Location: New York, NY

Who You Are:
You are an ambitious, dynamic creator and a fan of music. You have experience as both a user and a creator on major social media platforms and have a clear understanding of how integral consistent content is to an artist’s brand. You are actively engaged in popular culture and observant of brand voice/tone. You have strong organizational and communication skills, take a proactive approach to your work, and are able to maintain both macro and micro perspectives while playing a key role in crafting our artists’ digital presence.

What You’ll Do:
– Produce, edit, and deliver photo and video content on a consistent basis in multiple formats – TikTok videos, Youtube vlogs, Instagram stories, etc
– Work alongside creative team to create deliverables including stills, social copy, gifs, short-form clips, vlogs, etc
– Generate a volume of objective oriented social-first deliverables for individual platforms
– Make creative decisions in the filming and editing of video content to ensure coherence with the artist’s brand and voice

– Relevant experience with both digital photography and videography
– Own high-quality photo and video equipment (camera(s), microphone, tripod, stabilizer, etc)
– Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere with an ability to create social-first content
– Strong organizational skills (file-naming and organization, regular data backups. etc)
– Knowledgeable and excited about new music and artists
– Active follower and creator on major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok)
– Open to short-notice planning
– Willing and able to travel when needed (locally, domestically, and internationally)
– Willing to work a flexible schedule with frequent late nights and early mornings
– Ability to remain professional around high-profile people and environments
– A keen interest in latest innovations in the digital space and ability to translate latest trends into action

Apply Now:

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